Commitment to the customer

Jabon Flexo is a company committed to the customer service, that's why we have the facilities and equipment necessary to develop any product that suits the needs of the client.

About Us

Jabon Flexo with more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of chemical products for the industry, specialized in cleaning and maintenance of all types of machinery, tools and industrial installations.

About Jabon Flexo

We are a Mexican company specialized in the manufacture of chemical products for the corrective and preventive maintenance of the anilox rollers, engravings and general machinery. Jabon Flexo is a company with a strong presence on the top industrial sectors of the country and we ship our products to all Latin America.

We are committed to transmit our values with each one of our products. We guarantee that the quality of the products that we make, do not ends there due to our effort on giving the best service our customers deserve.


Provide an excellent service through a unique offer of the best quality in our products, giving special care and immediate solutions to the specific requirements of our customers.


Become a company in continuous on-going development, adapting to the new technologies and hand to hand with modernization. Our main goal is to achieve a stronger presence in our country, consolidate our growth in America and to expand our borders to Europe.


Our products are made with the best quality and all of them are offered
in various presentations ranging from a 208-liter drum to a 1,200-liter tank.

Jabón Flexo DA-80

Jabón Industrial BIO-800

Compuesto Industrial 800

Soldiec 80

Flexo Ultra

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We are in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
P: (81) 16-94-88-36